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Training Accounting & Cost Management

Agenda : July 2009

13-14    Derivatives Accounting & Tax

13-14    Tax Accounting & Fiscal Reconciliation (BePRO&ITMP)

13-15    Accounting Best Practices

15-16    Fundamentals of Overhead and Other Indirect Cost Rates«

15-16    Developing a Comprehensive Accounting Manual & Procedure«

15-17    Fixed Assets Accounting

21-23    Fundamentals of Cost Accounting

23-24    Managerial Accounting: Concept for Planning and Control

23-24    PSAK Standard For Financial Statements

27-28    Best Practices of Cost Reduction & Cost Control

27-28    Essential for Accounting Payroll

29-30    Strategic Cost Management

29-30    Activity Based Costing (ABC): Concept and Application

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